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Gregor John Film Foto Produktion
Gregor John Filmproduction

Gregor John, photographer and video producer, based in Graz, Austria.


In life and profession I’m always in search of that one image, the one shot, that captures the spirit of the moment to carry that special feeling to the audience.


Numerous travels, the pure beauty of nature and the diversity of cultures on our planet had some significant impact on my personal and professional progress, leading my work to a representative focus on outdoor-photography and filming.


A large part of my creative work is concentrating on the sports sector. Capturing action shots is still one of the most motivating parts of my job. An enthusiastic sportsman and action-lover myself, I understand to transport the feeling of a still or moving image to express the real fascination of the sport.




Image-, product-, event- or documentary films and pictures

in the outdoor, sports or tourism section -

professionally staged and produced with experience and creativity,

according to

your personal vision. 


Gregor John Film Foto Produktion


Logo Service Film

 An expressive film characterized by emotions, energy and a passion for details is worth a thousand words and sticks in the viewer's memory – that's the focus of my work. A product, an image, an adventure or event in sports or leisure is what I highly specialized in. 



Logo Service Photo

It's not possible to imagine today's world without pictures and photos. It is the fastest way to share certain events or special moments with society. A photograph of high quality is meant to inspire the human mind, cause desired emotions and communicate a specific message. 



Logo Service Concept

The first thing you need to create an outstanding film and impressive pictures, is creativity. Paired with my experience as well as your own personal ideas, we will work together on inspirations and an excellent concept to get the perfect result for your business. 



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